Single Not Alone Case Study


Single Not Alone


Single Not Alone is dedicated to providing support for single mothers and their children. The organization launched in April 2022, and since then, Luna Bella Media has been instrumental in creating the Single Not Alone website, preparing a video reel from the launch event, and successfully managing their social media accounts.

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Support Single Not Alone's mission to support single mothers and their children so they realize that they are not alone.

  • April 2022: Single Not Alone Launches

    • Social media presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram went live.

    Website launched as a landing page to the Single Not Alone's launch event in Nashville, Tennessee.

  • May 2022: More Known Presence

    • Website post-event landing page was published with video reel of the event.

    • Established Single Not Alone's brand colors and fonts for cohesive-ness throughout all marketing collateral.

    • Consistent social media growth over one month (Instagram: 436 followers, Facebook: 77 followers, Twitter: 7 followers, LinkedIn: 45 followers)

  • August 2022: Full Website is Live

    • Branded website with home page, services, resources, donation page, and contact information goes live.

    • Review of social media growth since May (Instagram: 1,128 followers, Facebook: 575 followers, Twitter: 30 followers, LinkedIn: 57 followers)

  • November 2022: 7 Month Social Media Review

    • Social media growth over 7 months: Instagram: 4,659 followers, Facebook: 709 followers, Twitter: 219 followers, LinkedIn: 73 followers.