sLeid Academy Web Design


sLeid Academy

DATE: 2021
sLeid Academy is a cosmetic, black, women-owned business headquarted in California. They provide 100% animal cruelty-free eyelashes, cosmetics and accessories. Their previous website was outdated and needed updated photos and better navigation, user experience, and a cleaner feel.

Project Overview

sLeid Academy’s previous website was outdated with dark, low quality photos. The goal is to refresh their website with better navigation, user experience, and a cleaner feel.

The Research Behind The Concept

Themes/Findings from Research

Modern and Clean Design
No one wants to buy a dirty product. Having a crispy, clean website with sharp product photography increases the chance of becoming a customer’s trusted brand.

The Story Behind the Product
Knowing the product story, ingredients, as well as about background information about the business will help connect sLeid Academy’s brand with their clients.

Offers and Promotions
Promotional deals on products will keep loyal customers coming back.

Supporting Local Businesses
sLeid Academy is a women, black-owned, local cosmetic business. Purchasing from sLeid means that you are contributing to the community, both socially and economically⁠—this makes customers feel good about supporting the local business.

Affordability and Quality of the Products
People tend to spend more money on makeup and cosmetics because it last a long time as well as boosts self esteem and confidence.